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Chronicles of Narnia Wraith Concept Art by Jakegothicsnake
Chronicles of Narnia Wraith Concept Art
A conceptual design for the wraiths mentioned in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Originally, this design with similarities to the dementors of the Harry Potter series and the Ringwraiths/Nazgul of the Lord of the Rings books was going to be used for the specters, however, I've decided to switch designs for each.
Black Satyr and Medieval Blonde Girl by Jakegothicsnake
Black Satyr and Medieval Blonde Girl
Just two head drawings of a satyr and a human girl. The satyr was used to try out out darker colors for skin and hair, and the girl was mostly to test out a marker that I thought looked good for blonde hair. Although, sadly it registers as more yellowish than I had thought.....
These past six months, I've been getting more into the Harry Potter series, particularly the artwork from Pottermore, and from listening to the audiobooks(both narrated by Stephen Fry and Jim Dale) on YouTube. I've been getting ideas of doing Harry Potter fanart, and here's some of the topics I would like to tackle:

1. All forty students in Harry's yew at from the original forty list by Rowling, and in the books. Some of them will resemble their on screen counterparts to an extent, while others won't.
2. The menagerie of creatures that have appeared in the books: goblins, gnomes, house elves, trolls, fairies, pixies, centaurs, merpeople, giants, thestrals, dragons, hippogriffs, veela, leprechauns, those elephantine flying horses that pull the Beauxbatons school carriage, etc.(I probably won't be doing Aragog or any other acromantula on account of arachnophobia).
3. A redesign of the uniforms of the Hogwarts students, as wells as the uniforms of Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. They will all share similarities with their onscreen depictions, albeit slightly different(the Ravenclaw colors being corrected to blue and bronze like the books instead of blue and silver in the films, for example). I also plan on doing concepts for female Durmstrang students and male Beauxbatons students.
4. Other Hogwarts students outside Harry's year.
5. Hogwarts teachers and various other notable characters.

Don't expect constant uploads in the next few months, I'm not the best artist. However this is something I'd like to do and get done gradually in the near future.


Jacob Studer
United States
Don't let the bangs confuse you. I'm not emo. My bangs look much more wispy and punkish, now that I discovered the miracle of backcombing.^_^

Favourite genre of music: Gothic/Punk/Psychedelic/Alternative/Metal/Folk
Favourite style of art: Anime and Classical
Favourite cartoon character: too many to list

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