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House of Tudor Family Tree by Jakegothicsnake House of Tudor Family Tree by Jakegothicsnake
This is something I've been planning on for some time. I know it says Tudor Family Tree, but it's mainly just the people in Henry VIII's life excluding his parenst and siblings.

Henry Tudor VIII: I felt like drawing Henry as somewhat true to his portraits by Holbein, but also showing his red hair. He's basically somewhere between the end of his marriage to Katherine of Aragon and his marriage to Anne Boelyn.

Katherine/Katherina/Catalina of/de Aragon: I saw this portrait depicting Katherine as Mary Magdalene, and I felt it suited her perfectly! I wanted draw her in a way that was true to her Botticelli/De Vinci-esque features. I'm very pleased with how she turned out! She looks strong, stoic, and regal. :)

Anne/Anna Boleyn/Bullen/Bolina: I wanted to draw her that was more true to her descriptions by other people, rather than just her portraits. Here, I gave her smooth dark hair, and olive skin(was considered dark skinn in those days, but not so much these days). I have also gave her a beauty mark on the side of her neck, in homage to the rumor of her having a huge mole/wart/(teat?) on her neck.

Jane Seymour: Like Anne, I wanted to draw her true to what people described her and to her classic Holbein portrait as well. So she has her mousy blonde hair, blue eyes, pallid skin, and a slight double chin. Poor Jane, she looks like she's ill already!

Anne/Anna of/von Cleves/Kleef: I can't help but feel like I could have drawn her a little bit better......and larger!>_<; Oh well, maybe the smallness of her head could symbolize her really short marriage to Henry.......

Katherine Howard: I think I drew her a bit prettier than the miniature portrait by Holbein. lol

Katherine Parr: Again, I think drew her prettier than her portrait! LOL I think I gave the left side of her hair a little too much volume!O_o: ROFL!

"Bloody" Mary Tudor I: I think I drew her in a manner that is true to both her portraits AND her character! Although I do see Mary as a tragic figure rather than a true villain, she does look kinda psycho in this! I actually intended for her to look like a more bitter, paranoid version of her mother, but with dark red hair. lol

"The Virgin Queen/Gloriana/Good Queen Bess" Elizabeth Tudor I: I think I did an ok job on Elizabeth. I kinda intended for her to be like a younger, redheaded Anne Boleyn, but I made her head more circular instead of oval.>_< lol At least she still has her mum's black eyes.

"The Sickly" Edward Tudor I: Aw poor Edward.....He looks so weak.....I think I did it justice. lol
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Celestialhost Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
As a Tudor family tree, it really ought to start from Henry VII and show Mary, Queen of Scots and her issue, James I
Jakegothicsnake Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012
I know, you're right. But I really wanted to do just Henry VIII's immediate family with his wives and children. That was what I had in mind from the start. I've been having this idea of what the tudors would have looked like in anime/manga form.
Celestialhost Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah but Mary Queen of Scots was cousin to Queen Liz. She is just as much family and just as significant to the line.
Jakegothicsnake Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012
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